In April 2018, The European Commission published its Special Eurobarometer 469 which focuses specifically on the  EurobarometerPageImage1issue of the integration of immigrants in the European Union. Eurobarometer surveys monitor the evolution of public opinion in all 28 EU Member States, with Special Eurobarometer reports based on in-depth thematic studies.

The results of the Special Eurobarometer, which surveyed over 28,000 respondents across the EU member states (including over 1,000 from Ireland), saw Ireland placed highly amongst EU member states in a number of areas relating to the successful integration of immigrants. The results of the survey showed that:

  • Successful Integration of Immigrants:

Ireland leads in terms of perceptions of how successfully immigrants are integrated - 80% of respondents in Ireland agreed that “Integration is successful in the local area or country”.

  • Personal Ties with Immigrants:

Ireland placed third amongst member states whose respondents had the highest number of personal ties with migrants - 56% of respondents in Ireland have friends, family members or friends and family members who are immigrants currently living in Ireland.

  • Social Relationships with Immigrants:

Ireland placed third amongst member states whose respondents feel comfortable with “all kinds” of social relationships with immigrants. 80% of respondents in Ireland felt comfortable with all types of social relationships with immigrants (including: friend; work colleague; neighbour; doctor; family member or manager).  

However, the survey also demonstrated areas for improvement. For example, Ireland scored less than the EU average in terms of the number of respondents who felt that they were “well informed about immigration and integration”, with only 35% of respondents in Ireland feeling “well informed”.  

A report specifically on reponses from Ireland can be found here.