Terms of Reference

  1. To oversee implementation of the Migrant Integration Strategy;
  2. To review implementation of all actions;
  3. To agree indicators for monitoring progress;
  4. To assess whether or not further action is required on specific issues;
  5. To make recommendations on actions needed to be added to the Strategy or changed to respond to changing needs;
  6. To contribute to a progress report to Government at the end of 2018 on the implementation of all actions.


Committee Working Arrangements:

(a) The Committee is chaired by Mr. David Stanton, T.D., Minister of State at the Department of Justice and Equality with responsibility for Equality, Immigration and Integration.

(b) The Committee comprises:

Representatives of each relevant Government Department

Representatives of the relevant State Agencies, including the Health Service Executive

Representatives of the NGO sector

         (The membership may evolve to accommodate additional expertise over time).

(c) The Committee meets in plenary session three times per year and will last the lifetime of the Migrant Integration Strategy (to end 2020). Additional meetings may be convened if required.

(d) The Committee operates by consensus and in confidence.

(e) The Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration acts as secretariat to the Committee.

(f) The Committee may appoint Sub-Committees to carry out particular tasks and report back to the Committee.

(g) Where a Sub-Committee is constituted, the organisation acting as Chair to the Sub-Committee will act as secretariat to that Sub-Committee.


MISMCC - Members

MISMCC - Schedule of Meetings

MISMCC - Meeting Agendas and Minutes