Racial Profiling

In response to queries raised by Ireland about the methodology used in the Fundamental Rights Agency EU- MIDIS survey - Mapping discrimination- European Union Minorities and Discrimination Survey 2009, the Head of the Freedoms and Justice Department of the Fundamental Rights Agency replied as follows:

"I would also like you to consider one result regarding police stops; namely: although Sub Saharan Africans in Ireland had, overall the highest rate of stops in the past 12 months- at the same time, compared with other groups with high rates of stops, relatively few of the Sub-Saharan Africans who were stopped in Ireland felt that the police stopped them because of their ethnicity.

The survey's findings on police stops were presented in October 2010 at the Irish police training college in Templemore, and were positively received for indicating that very few Sub- Saharan Africans who were stopped considered they were profiled by the police in a discriminatory way- hence there are also positive results from the survey (in comparison with other countries) concerning Sub Saharan Africans in Ireland. In this regard, the agency considers the work of the Irish police in the field of diversity and non -discrimination to be a good practice example; the results of which are reflected in the low levels of reported discriminatory police profiling noted by Sub Saharan Africans."

(Source : Fundamental Rights Agency letter 2010.)

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