Intercultural Education Strategy

In 2010, the Department of Education and Skills, (formerly the Department of Education and Science) published the Intercultural Education Strategy, 2010-2015. The Department began the process of developing the strategy with a conference in October 2008. Extensive consultation followed, with a series of sectoral meetings attended by over 200 delegates. There were also over 50 written submissions forwarded to the Department.

Several research projects informed the Strategy. They are:

1. The ESRI review of newcomer students in primary and post- primary schools- published 03/06/2009
2. The evaluation of EAL provision in primary and post- primary schools by the Inspectorate of the Department, which was published in Autumn 2009
3. The OECD’s comparative review of migrant education - review of migrant education in Ireland published December 2009
4. A value for money review of EAL provision- published Autumn 2009

Please see the "Resources" section of the Strategy for further information.

The strategy was launched on 16th September 2010. The research findings and the responses to the consultation process provided the evidence based data required to prepare the strategy.

The appendices to the strategy are available here.

A follow up newsletter detailing key developments regarding the implementation of the strategy as well as information regarding migrant children outcomes in the education system was published in April 2011. The newsletter is available at this link.

In addition, an implementation conference was held in October 2011. Go to this link to see copies of the presentations and speeches made at the conference, as well as reports of the 3 workshop discussions.

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