Intercultural Fora

Intercultural Fora present a great opportunity for migrants from different cultures and backgrounds to come together to discuss their integration experiences. Participants can express their opinions and raise issues that affect migrants on a daily basis. Migrants can thus influence policy at a local level.

The following are examples of migrant fora operating at a local level in Ireland:

Cavan Multicultural Network

The Cavan Multicultural Network organises festivals and get togethers with a multicultural theme. Membership is free. News about the Network may also be found on the Co. Cavan Community & Voluntary Forum website, available at this page

For more information on the Network contact 049 4327765 or visit

Cork City Integration Forum

The Cork City Integration Forum was established in June 2009. For more information, contact
or call 085 7592049
or visit:

Cork County Integration Forum

The Cork County Integration Forum was established in October 2011. There are currently (Oct 2011) 14 member groups/nationalities involved in the network as follows:
1. Congolese
3. Togolese
5. Cameroon
6. Nigerian
7. Somalian
8. Ivory Coast
9. Sudanese
10. Hungarian
11. Polish
12. Slovak
13. African Womens Group
14. Yoruba Group

For more information, contact:

Cork County Integration Network, c/o NCP Office, 54 Penrose Wharf, Cork

Tel 087 9605589/021 2399910

E Mail- Cork Integration Strategy –

You can find the Strategic Plan published by the Cork County Integration Network at this link.


Fingal Ethnic Network
Fingal Ethnic Network (FEN) is a network of ethnic minority groups and individuals living in the Fingal County Council area. It was established by the Fingal Community Office and the Fingal Development Board and launched in August 2008. Since then, it has grown to include over 40 groups representing many ethnicities who live and work in Fingal.

The network aims to represent the collective views of the ethnic community, so as to influence and inform policy and planning countywide influence all organisations that operate within Fingal County. They want to ensure the development of coherent plans and policies that reflect the social, cultural and economic needs of Ethnic minority groups in the Fingal area.

South Dublin Migrants Forum
The Forum was formed by a number of migrant groups in the area in collaboration with South Dublin County Council, Dodder Valley Partnership and CPLN (Clondalkin, Palmerstown, Lucan and Newcastle) Partnership to provide an opportunity to members of the immigrant community in South County Dublin to collaborate, network and peer support on social inclusion and cultural diversity. The South Dublin Migrant Integration Forum is also supported by the NCP and the Dublin Employment Pact's 'Promoting Civic Participation of Third Country Nationals through Local Authority Platforms'.

The mission of the South Dublin Migrant Integration Forum is to serve as a platform to help develop an inclusive, supportive, secure and intercultural community that is based on the principles of equality, diversity, healthy communication, social justice and mutual respect. With membership consisting of migrant community leaders and representatives in the area, the South Dublin Migrant Integration Forum also aims to disseminate information to migrant communities in South Dublin, provide a link between their communities and the local people, promote migrants' perspectives in policy matters within the County, provide a space where County officials can present topics of interest and inform migrant communities on developments in the County, among others.
For further information, please contact Maria Finn, Social Inclusion Officer, Community Services Department, South Dublin County Council Tel: 086 3803060/01 4149270 or email at:

Intercultural Dialogue Group Clondalkin
The intercultural group meets every two weeks in the Intercultural Centre in Clondalkin. The group has twenty four members and is actively involved in planning the new Global Garden in Corkagh Park.

The group members have developed strong bonds and socialise together regularly. In the past year, two of the group achieved Irish Citizenship and other members are preparing their applications. The group has explored issues of cultural practices, power, dialogue, and asset based community development. The group has also organised a number of social outings to further strengthen group cohesion.

Trócaire (an Irish third world aid charity) has recently supported the group to raise awareness on issues of Climate Justice and the group now plan to develop their website and launch the site by April 2013.

The group has now forged links with the local residents group in Cherrywood housing estate which is close to the Global Garden. A number of the residents from Cherrywood have committed to getting involved in the garden when garden preparation work is completed this spring. The Global Garden will be a focal point for community development as well as for good gardening practice.

If you are interested in participating in this programme please contact Maria Finn, Social Inclusion Officer, Community Services Department, South Dublin County Council Tel: 086 3803060/01 4149270 or email at:

The Lord Mayor of Dublin launched the the Dublin City Integration Forum (DCIF) on 19th November 2012 at the Dublin City Gallery. The Forum will be working closely with Dublin City Council on behalf of migrants in the City of Dublin with the aim of ensuring representation at community development and local government level.

DCIF will network with all the new communities in the Dublin area, providing them with information in relation to issues that affect them. They will be collaborating with the other Forums in the Dublin region, and with national and international organisations in the area of integration, antiracism, equality, social inclusion and civic participation for new communities.

The Dublin forums originated from the project "Promoting Civic Participation of 3rd Country Nationals through Local Authority Platforms". This project was co-financed by European Commission under the European Integration Fund (EIF).

Galway Intercultural Forum

The aim of the Galway Intercultural Forum is to act as a representative voice for the diverse cultures living in Galway City. For more information contact, Poul Walsh Olesen, Community Forum Co-ordinator on Ph: 091 536458
or E-mail:
or visit:

Limerick Migrant Network

The Limerick Migrant Network was launched in November 2009 to work with local migrant groups to build their own capacity for an independent migrant political voice in Limerick. It provides a platform for all migrants to meet, share their concerns and hopes and express them in a united voice. All migrants are invited to attend the meetings that address issues faced by those who are currently working as well as those who were seeking employment. For more information contact, Rabiya Ali, Capacity Building Officer at Doras Luimní on 061 310 328
or visit:

Kilkenny Integration Forum

This forum was set up in 2009. For more information, contact Lindsey Butler, Community and Enterprise Development Officer at Kilkenny County Council. Email:
or Ph: 056-7794923.

The Liaison Forum for Immigrant Communities, County Mayo

Over thirty organisations are represented on this forum including the local development and community sector. The aims and objectives of the forum are to strengthen and enhance the supports to immigrants in County Mayo and to develop the capacity of immigrants to become involved in the democratic decision-making process. For more information, Email:
or phone: 094 904 7545.

The Ballina Migrant Health Forum

The Ballina Migrant Health Forum was formed in 2009 as part of a Community Participation in Primary Care Project in Ballina which was delivered by Mayo Intercultural Action in partnership with the Health Service Executive. The Ballina Migrant Health Forum is working to improve the health and well-being of migrants in Ballina and to promote migrants' participation in primary health care structures. For more information, Email:

NCP Women's Forum, Limerick

This recently established Forum will provide a voice for ethnic women in the Limerick Area. The Forum aims to "build a strong voice for ethnic women in Limerick and to promote gender equality within the Migrant community in Limerick". For further information on upcoming meetings & seminars, contact Jacques Lobes, NCP Limerick on 061 469882
or Email:

Waterford Integration Forum

This forum was developed earlier this year out of an Inter-Agency Group which previously had been in existence in Waterford. The Waterford Integration Forum have a focus which includes promoting the integration of immigrants in Waterford City and County.

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